Thornielee Cottage is a smallholding in the Scottish Borders, near the river Tweed (that’s the river you can see through the trees in the photo). In this outstandingly beautiful landscape, we raise rare breed pigs, keep bees and chickens, grow vegetables, herbs and fruit, and watch the fascinating and never-ending display of the local wildlife (aided and abetted by our own animals). It’s a lot of work sometimes, but it’s worth it to live here in this breath-takingly, heart-stoppingly,  glorious place.

We also get the benefit of knowing where the food we produce comes from, how the animals have lived, what flowers the bees have used to make their honey, and we are able to reduce our carbon footprint by growing things like citrus fruit and chillis ourselves. We even get the benefit of harvesting some of the wild foods that grow in such abundance here. If you have an interest in where the food you eat comes from, you might like to buy some from us, or just follow our adventures......


Thornielee Cottage